Thank You!

1st Morinville Scouting Movement welcomes boys and girls from the Morinville, Legal, and surrounding areas.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us!

Thank you to the Morinville Royal Canadian Legion!


(Front) Scouts Conan Bolen, Doveina Bolen and (R) Scout Leader Billy Bolen from 1st Morinville Scouting accepted a cheque for $1,170.50 from Morinville Royal Canadian Legion (L) President Gerry Morrow at the annual awards night on May 3. Close to 17,000 was raised in 2014 and generously distributed to local community organizations. – photo by Dolly Bolen

Thank you Alliance Pipeline!

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Page A20, THE FREE PRESS,Tuesday, November 11, 2014.

Adam Roddis (left), the Group Commissionaire with 1st Morinville Scouting accepts a $3,000 cheque from Matt Maier (right) on behalf of the Alliance Pipeline office in Morinville during a meeting on the evening of Nov. 5 in the Community Cultural Centre. Behind them are some of the 70 youth and staff in 1st Morinville Scouting. The funds will be used to buy equipment like snowshoes, tents and canoe paddles.--photo by Grant Cree. Story on About Us page.

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